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2017 Reunion Reminder 25 Years-Mary Pottinger
R Pottinger - 4/24/2017

I think it is only fitting as we to use this 6 month reminder for the upcoming 2017 - 53rd reunion Pottenger/Pottinger Reunion to honor and remember Mary Pottinger. Please take a moment this upcoming Thursday, to reflect that it has been 25 years since her passing. Mary’s and her family contributed so much to make sure every reunion had something for everyone.

The subject of the 53rd Reunion will be “Pottenger/Pottinger Women”. Please make plans to attend as the location is the same as the previous two; Rolling Fork Christian Church in New Haven, KY on the second Saturday in October, the 14th.

Mary Ruth Haynes Pottinger
Jun. 6, 1932 Letcher County, KY to Apr. 27, 1992 Jefferson County, KY

Mary was a native of Millstone, KY. She loved community/history and was a member of Southern Star Chapter 154 and the past president of Nelson Co. Historical Society. Lovell "L.B." Pottinger was her true love and they were married on July 12, 1958 in Louisville, KY. Mary served 26 years as host of the Pottenger/Pottinger Reunions. They always opened up their home when “kinfolk” would come to visit.

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