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James Oscar Pottenger
Mary Pottenger Hurst - 10/9/2020

To all Pottengers,

I was contacted by an organization in the Netherlands that has a goal to find photos of all the American soldiers that died during WW 2 and were buried there.
James Oscar Pottenger was born in 1911 in Ohio. He died 8 April 1945.
I hope someone can help me with this. James was a hero and gave his life that others soldiers could live. I would like to honor him this way.

Re: James Oscar Pottenger
RWP - 1/14/2021

Info I have, however no pic;

Cpl. James O Pottenger of Dayton Ohio, (Dec 15, 1911- April 08, 1945) Army-World War II. He had the rank of Corporal. Service number was 35133880. Served with 355th Infantry Regiment, 89th Infantry Division. He was killed on April 8, 1945 at Gräfenhainichen, Germany. He is buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Holland. He was awarded posthumously the Bronze Star for heroic action in Gräfenhainichen in April. The Army report said his squad suddenly was subjected to intense sniper fire as it moved forward over exposed terrain. When Cpl. Pottenger observed casual casualties mounting, he realized resistance was imperative and moved forward with a comrade to attack the position. Despite heavy enemy fire directed at him, he continued to advance firing his rifle to divert attention from his companion armed with rifle grenades. As he gave covering fire he was fatally wounded. His courageous sacrifice and devotion to duty enabled his comrade to continue and destroy the position thus allowing the platoon to accomplish its mission. He was killed after only two weeks overseas duty.
Re: James Oscar Pottenger
Bill Reynolds - 1/14/2021

You might try Jim White, via email Jim is the son of Susan Pottinger White, who was a registered genealogist. James O Pottenger was her Uncle. Jim might be able to find you a photo or let you know where you might find one.
Re: James Oscar Pottenger
Mary Pottenger Hurst - 1/28/2021

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll let you know what happens.
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