Pottenger-Pottinger Cemetery, Gethsemane
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John Pottenger who departed life, September 7, 1833, tombstone.
John never married.
He resided near New Hope at "Hope Field" near the intersection of State Highway #52 (Lebanon Road) and New Hope Road.
John died of cholera in the 1833 epidemic. He was the first person born at "Walnut Hill" to die.
On March 16, 1838, settlement of estate of John Pottenger, dec'd, by John G Pottenger, $918.06, returned and recorded May 14, 1838. (Information from Nelson County, Kentucky Will Book 2, page 315).
Lucinda (Jameson), wife of Samuel Pottinger tombstone.
Parent's name's (John and Mary Rice Jameson), from Marriage Bond, Nelson County, Kentucky.
This quilt piece (in a picture frame that Bill Reynolds has mounted on living room wall) came from the Walnut Hill house (retrieved by Momma sometime in the 1930's before the house was torn down). It was handed down to Lula Ann who cut sections out of it for me and Nancy and had the original sections framed so that we all have a piece of the quilt. It was probably made by Lucinda Jameson Pottenger as a wedding present for TJ Pottenger's and Vienna Maria Remey Pottenger, December 24, 1846.
1850 Nelson County, Kentucky Census, page 346, shows Lucinda, age 60, head of household with daughters, Maria J, age 20 and Mary A, age 17. The 1850 US Federal Census (Slave Schedule) shows Lucinda with two slaves.
1860 Nelson County, Kentucky Census, page 173, Lucinda Helm, age 68, heads family of Mary A Talbott, age 27 and Emma Pottinger, age 10. Lucinda undoubtly had remarried sometime after the 1850 census, but her second husband had died by the 1860 census.
My great-great grandmother was born October 19, 1791, in Nelson County, Kentucky. Daughter of John Jameson and Polly Rice Jameson. She married Samuel Pottinger, Jr (founder of New Haven, Kentucky) on October 15, 1809.
Samuel died September 23, 1832. Samuel and Lucinda Pottinger had twelve children; John G, George W, William R, James A, Emoline (these were born at "Walnut Hill", Gethsemane), Robert C and Thomas Jefferson (twins), Mary Jane, Merriman G, Mariah Jane and Mary Ann were born in New Haven.
Lucinda, against the wishes of her friends and family, married Strother M Helm on the 6th of June, 1836. Within a short time she was displeased with his actions. Finally, with a great deal of encouragement, he joined the Lopez Expedition to Cuba. After a number of years she divorced him, only to learn later that the entire outfit was captured and was executed by firing squad.
She lived in New Haven until her death on October 25, 1867 and was buried in the Pottinger Cemetery, Gethsemane, Kentucky beside her first husband, Samuel. (Information from an article submitted to Nelson County Historical Society by Mary Arbella Pottinger, wife of LB Pottinger, in the Fall of 1992).
Pottenger-Pottinger Memorial at Cemetery, Gethsemane
Pottenger-Pottinger Memorial at Cemetery, Gethsemane