Pottenger-Pottinger Reunion, 1925
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1925 Pottinger Reunion was held at Mary Ann “Mollie” Pottinger’s home at Gethsemane, Nelson County, Kentucky

Front Row sitting on the ground, left to right:
Lovell Butler “LB” Pottinger, Mabel Peterson, Butler Ramey Pottinger, III, Ruby Aline Pottinger.
Second Row, seated, left to right:
Vienna Miller Peterson, Burton Pottinger, Margaret Beeler Pottinger, Curtis Millard Pottinger Lula Elliott Morgan Pottinger, Paul Morgan Pottinger ( baby), Bettie Pottinger Rosenham, Mary Ann “Mollie” Pottinger, Dr Samuel Lancaster Pottinger, Ruby Pottinger Anderson Larimore, Alice Anderson Violette, John Violette Jr (baby).
Third row, standing:
Permelia Black Miller, Ben Hardin Miller Jr, Unknown, Unknown, Butler Ramey Pottinger II, Rebecca Vienna Pottinger “Aunt Rhea”, Lillian Larimore (Sylvester Larimore’s daughter), Unknown, Marian Head.
Fourth Row, in back:
Wallace W Peterson, Sylvester Larimore, Unknown, Unknown, Hon George R Daniels.

Copy of photograph and photograph identification came from Thelma Parham, Kingsport, Tennessee.

Can anyone identify the five UNKNOWN persons in this photograph?

Just a note for those of you that don’t know. I was born in the front bedroom (on the right) in the house shown in the picture above. It was 11:55 pm, December 23, 1942 and my father, who was in the Army stationed at Ft Lawton, Washington, had just come home on leave that day. Bill Reynolds