I have had several inquiries on the status of the Pottinger Family Cemetery and the upcoming reunion. In case you are not aware of what is going on;

The Kentucky Historical Society offers programs and educational resources to help individuals and organizations in their efforts to document and preserve cemeteries. One of the programs they offer is to designate a family cemetery as a “Pioneer Cemetery” and have a “marking ceremony”  with bronze marker similar to the highway makers.

The Pottinger Family Cemetery is an important historical asset that tells about the area’s past; it is a monument to our relatives who once lived there.  In this rapidly changing world of increased development, it is more important than ever, for us to research, find, document, photograph, map and protect family history.

Earlier in the year,  we applied to the KHS to designate the Pottinger Family Cemetery because of its early Kentucky settler; Captain Samuel Pottinger and the creation of “Pottenger’s Landing”. (Later to be renamed “New Haven” by his son, Samuel, Jr.)  We hope to have the ceremony on the day of the 52nd Pottenger-Pottinger Reunion in October. KHS reports everything is progressing, but have not confirmed the date as of today June 3rd.  They promise to let us know in the next few weeks….


Ron W Pottinger

Below is a newspaper announcement of one that occurred last year:








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