from Kentucky Reports Book One, --May Term, 1800, at Bardstown, in Nelson County, KY, in the case of Meshack Carter vs. Samuel Oldham......

-----Henry Prather deposed, that in the year 1776, in the month of June or July, in company with Edward Hogan, he went down the creek now called Prather's Creek to the mouth of said creek (Raywick, KY), and discovered no improvements except a small one on one tree; that one of the letters was C, the other one he does not recollect, the letters appeared to have been made with a knife, and there were two or three saplings blazed.

----That the improvement was about one hundred yards from the mouth of Prather's Creek, on the upper side of the creek, that the said Hogan and himself crossed the Rolling Fork, and after some time returned to camp, and that he and his company, being five beside himself, went down Prather's Creek a second time to the mouth, and returned up the same, and discovered no improvements but as above

----That they then fell upon the waters of the creek, now called Pottinger's Creek (Loretto, KY), and made an improvement above the forks (New Hope, KY), and some of the company went down the creek (New Haven, KY) and returned, and gave information that they had found improvements below, which caused them to quit improving, as they supposed those old improvements would prevent them from holding land.---That in the spring of 1780, he was on Pottinger's Creek, and discovered two improvements (Gethsemene, KY), which consisted of three or four logs round, and about twelve or fourteen feet long, that those improvements were below the forks of Pottinger's Creek.

----That thin, and what is generally called maiden, cane grew on Prather's creek in 1776. That large cane for that part of the country grew in the bottoms on Pottinger's Creek, but up from the bottoms, it was maiden cane.

----That he had never heard Pottinger's Creek called Heaton's Creek until last summer, but that it was always called Pottinger's Creek in the year 1780, by those whom he heard speak of it.

----That he had frfrequently conversed with Heaton in the year 1780, at the falls of the Ohio (Louisville, KY), but never heard him say that he had made improvements on Pottinger's Creek.

----That the mouth of Prather's Creek was good land for that part of the country, and on the lower side of it was land of indifferent quality.....(Head Distillery Road).

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