Willard Pottinger was my dearly beloved uncle; my dad's (Michael Howard Pottinger) oldest brother.
Uncle Joe could tell a story and start laughing before he got to the punch line. He laughed a lot and his shoulders shook when he laughed.
He was our family historian. I can only hope that some of us remember some of his fascinating, copious stories of family of days gone by.
He and his lovely wife, Aunt Flo would always host a huge family party every summer when my family would come back to visit KY  after moving to the NYC area in 1965. What a treat the was. I can only imagine the strain we put on his old septic system.
Uncle Joe and Aunt Flo experienced unspeakable heart ache with burying 4 children. They still maintained a happy life and never outwardly showed that they felt sorry for themselves.
They made the best of everything of what they had.
My dad has always said that Joe was the "richest" out of all of them.
I will miss our lunches together while talking old timey family stuff....and laughing.
God bless my Uncle Joe.

Take away: Hug your loved ones and take the time to show an older person respect by listening to their stories....

Ruth Ann


Ruth Ann having a great time at a Pottenger-Pottinger reunion
Ruth Ann having a great time at a Pottenger-Pottinger reunion


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