The Thomas Nelson Society CAR (Children of the American Revolution) have published a book of the early revolutionary war soldiers that are buried  in Nelson County, KY.  Pam Pottinger Howard submitted Capt. Sam Pottinger’s information as well as Capt. Thomas Lewis. There are a limited number of books left so if anyone should want one, please use the contact info below.  The Thomas Nelson Society CAR won second place for best program of the National Patriotic Education Program. The members earned their national award by researching patriots buried in Nelson County. Biographies and pictures of their graves were compiled in the book;  The Hunt for Revolutionary War Soldiers in Nelson County. “It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by nationals,” said society president Dannielle Gilkey.  Awards were received at the National C.A.R Conference in Washington D.C. last month.

Books may be purchased by contacting Patsy McKee at (502) 331-3042. They cost $29.95 each plus shipping of $3.00.


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