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Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 8:54 am

Rita Pottinger Niman celebrated her 100th birthday at the home place near Boston where she and her 10 slblings were born.

Niman is the daughter of Lee and Estella Cash Pottinger, and she was married to the late Willis Kennedy Niman.

Of the 11 children of Lee Pottinger, Rita and her sister, Betty, remain. Their deceased siblings are Lottie, Louree, Newman, Virgil and Nancy Pottinger Meyers, children of Lee and Laurinda Newman Pottinger. Lee and Estella were the parents of Ethel Pottinger Roby, Samuel Pottinger, Ruby Pottinger Gaullett and Ann Pottinger Coyle.

Niman has one daughter, Kay Niman-Meyers, and she adopted her sister’s sons, Patrick and Michael Coyle. She has two grandchildren, Betsy Sewell and Christopher Fish. Her three great-grandchildren are Derek Lee Sewell and twins, Bodhi Lee and Casey Dawn Fish.

Niman and her husband, “K,” former principa1 at Fern Creek High School, were educated at Western Kentucky University, where they met. She started teaching at a school near Boston and retired from the Jefferson County School System.

At Niman’s birthday parties in Louisville and the home place there were numerous former students, relatives from several states and one international visitor, Dr. Alberto Ricci, of Italy, who was a guest in her home while he studied at the University of Louisville.

Niman makes her home with her daughter, Kay, in Virginia Beach, Va., where she loves to play cards, read and exercise at the local fitness center.



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