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My Mother, Ruby Pottinger Reynolds always liked to stay in contact with friends and family and usually did this by writing letters and sending cards. Years ago, letters and cards were written and sent to keep in touch with each other, but as the pace of living has become faster, letters have become a thing of the past.

My Mother was also very interested in genealogy, history and her kin, both on her side of the family (Pottenger, Pottinger and Morgan) and on my Dad's side (Reynolds and Thompson). She made many notes and kept newspaper clippings, letters, cards, pictures, etc that were passed down to me at her death. She attended many many weddings and funerals. She also attend 34 annual Pottenger-Pottinger reunions until her death in 1998.

I have a wealth of her memories in letters, notebooks and scraps of paper of tidbits that she kept, old pictures (some dating back 100+ years) and genealogy information. I have always felt that this information was to be shared and thus in the sharing we would stay in contact with and become closer to our kin.

The Pottenger-Pottinger website created by Michael Pottinger is another source of this information, pictures, etc to be shared. I encourage any and all of you to post articles, recipes, news, pictures, video, genealogy and any other information you might want to share with the ones that share this site.

Sunday, October 12, 2014 will be the 50th consecutive Pottenger-Pottinger Reunion and will be held where the start of these reunions began in 1964; that being Beechmont Women's Club in Louisville, Kentucky. There were 134 at the first reunion and many of these have passed by the wayside. We hope this website will encourage you to make plans to attend the 50th reunion and bring pictures, memorabilia,etc to display. There is always great food and fellowship and renewing of kinfolks.

If you have any questions or need help posting pictures, etc to the website, please contact me at or Mike Pottinger at

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