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Sue Peterson-Blythe

John Pottenger - Immigrant is my 7th great grandfather and his daughter Verlinda Pottenger Wade was my 6th great grandmother. I am interested in genealogy and have researched this line a little bit. I presently live in Paint Lick KY. The Pottengers are on my mother's father side of the family Hunt.

Linda Flaherty

My father was Robert Pottenger of Richmond, IN born to Zeb and Anna Pottenger. When my father died, my mother remarried and my step-father legally adopted my sister, Julie and I. Our brother Greg was killed in a car accident after our fathers death, and prior to the adoption.

Mary Pottenger Hurst

I was contacted by a group in the Netherlands looking for a picture of James Oscar Pottenger. He died during WW2 and is buried there.
I believe that Denise Saner Howe would be a close relative to him. Please let me know if there is a picture of James. He was a hero, giving his life for others and I think he should be honored.


Many of the Pottinger papers are in the Filson Club in Louisville

Jon Bell

I am also a 5th great grandson of John Gilkey and Jane Gray Withrow Gilkey Pottenger

Denise Saner Howe

My mother was Doris Edna Pottenger 1927-2012
George Leondus Pottenger 1893-1964
James Franklin Pottenger 1860-1921
William Barnett Pottenger 1825-1901
John W Pottenger 1804-1875
John Caty Pottenger 1768-1842
Robert Pottenger 1728-1778 who was a brother to Samuel Pottenger

Beth Wygant

Hello Pottingers- I am working on my husband's genealogy and find his family married in to the Pottinger Family several times Currently I am working on Mary Marcella Thompson who married Paul Morgan Pottinger Sr. Tim is a 4th cousin to all the children from this marriage. Thank you for putting together such a lovely website- Very inspirational. Beth Wygant for Timothy Wygant
Here is how my husband is related:
Paul Morgan Pottinger Sr 1923-1996
husband of 3rd cousin 1x removed

Mary Marcella Thompson 1925-2001
Wife of Paul Morgan Pottinger Sr

Mary Mildred Martin 1901-1992
Mother of Mary Marcella Thompson

Joseph Richard Martin 1873-1958
Father of Mary Mildred Martin

Eliza Jane Mills 1846-1904
Mother of Joseph Richard Martin

Joseph C Mills 1802-1888
Father of Eliza Jane Mills

Thomas C Mills 1831-1921
Son of Joseph C Mills

Arthur John Mills 1881-1918
Son of Thomas C Mills

Laura Genevieve Mills 1916-1991
Daughter of Arthur John Mills

Cherie Lee Embs 1936-2001
Daughter of Laura Genevieve Mills

Timothy Joseph Wygant

Jon Bell

John Pottenger 1662-1735
7th great-grandfather
Samuel Pottenger 1693-1742
Son of John Pottenger
Samuel Pottenger 1718-1820
Son of Samuel Pottenger
Nancy Pottenger 1767-1835
Daughter of Samuel Pottenger
Joseph Swearingen 1808-1890
Son of Nancy Pottenger
Francis Marion Swearingen 1830-1908
Son of Joseph Swearingen
Hugh Swearingen 1876-1959
Son of Francis Marion Swearingen
Vincent Hugh Swearingen 1902-1982
Son of Hugh Swearingen
Martha Jean Swearingen 1927-1997
Daughter of Vincent Hugh Swearingen
Jon Mark Bell
You are the son of Martha Jean Swearingen

Do you have a GED file of the Genealogy you have collected ?

Tracey Pottinger Osborne

I have just recently found out about the Pottinger history in Kentucky. I currently live in Louisville. I have been doing a lot of research the past month and have visited the Nelson County area the past 2 weekends and plan to attend the New Haven Bicentennial this weekend. If anyone has any further information please let me know. Thank you.

Karen Pottinger Brassine

I am the daughter of Jesse O. Pottinger. My dad passed away in1988 but at one time he did some research on the Pottenger Pottinger family history. I remember going to the reunion at the Beechmont Womens Club as a child and he participated in getting a top put on the grave of Samuel Pottinger in Cox’s Creek.

Linda Flaherty

@Jennifer Pottenger My grandfather was Zeb Pottenger. My father was Robert Pottenger. Robert and Valen were brothers. I use to correspond with Pam, my first cousin.

Shauna Metten

I am the oldest daughter of the late Marisa Kay Pottinger whom is the oldest daughter of Sam Pottinger, he died of lung disease in Uniontown, Pennsylvania a few years back2016 I do not know a great deal about my grandfather but i am intrigued by the history i've read about an he had a sister named Connie whom lived in Corpus Christi , TX . They were involved in a lawsuit with Jefferson Memorial Forest and the Jim Beam Distillery located near Bernheim Forest . I am not sure of the details but I would love to know if anyone of my bloodline knows why. My mother has a sister named Gina . She is still living . But we are not close.


Hello. I am working on family history and am related to the Grafft line. I was hoping someone could help shed some light on a few names.

Is Elizabeth Jane Grafft Apfeld still living? I noticed her photo on the 2011 reunion but not the ones afterwards.

Also, I'm confused with the wife of Abraham G. Grafft. Online it says he was married to a Sarah J. Riggs and Sarah Jane Gary, and Elizabeth Jane James. I'm thinking Sarah J Riggs and Sarah Jane Gary might be the same person and that Sarah Gary married an Edward Riggs but not 100% sure. I have found records for all three wives but I'm pretty sure Elizabeth was maybe his first wife and Sarah his second as they have different children.

Abraham's father was George Pottenger Grafft.

Thank you for your time..

David Watson

I have been trying to find my Watson Family Lineage from a place called Pottingers Mill Pond where my Great Great Grandfather was supposedly born in 1805. I believe he moved to Brandenburg Ky area and finally ti Perry County Indiana around 1840. So I was wondering if there is any information of families from the area in the late 1790's. Thanks David Watson

Jennifer Pottenger

Hello, I have just started doing my Tree. My Great Grandfather was Zeb Pottenger of Richmond Indiana. I had heard from my Grandfather Valen Pottenger that a family history had already been done. I had no clue how to find out were this information was or how to get a copy of this information. I was doing research and just happened open your site. I would love any information about the family. I do believe that I am a descendant of Samuel Pottenger. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you Jennifer Pottenger


A wonderful 2017 reunion! Thanks everyone!

Ken Pottnger

I don't know if my first message made it through. My wife Jo, sister Margaret and my self plan to attend the 2017 reunion . Looking to meet long lost relates! Ken

Nancy Reynolds Wallander

Researching to Reynolds of Edgefield, SC

Sandra Ferguson Lauber

Please contact me for your next reunion.
Serena Rose Pottenger & Jacob Burton Ferguson- Great Grandmother
Newton Larsh Pottenger & Henrietta Pierson- 2nd Great Grandparents
John Pottenger & Lucy Ann Huston- 3rd Great Grandparents
Thomas Pottenger & Elizabeth Kinkade-4th Great Grandparents
Samuel Pottenger & Eleanor Willett-5th Great Grandparents
Samuel Pottenger & Elizabeth Tyler are my 6th Great Grandparents
Sandy Ferguson Lauber

Doug and Aleta Pottenger

We will NOT be able to attend the 2016 reunion but would love to attend your next planned one. Please contact us once you have a confirmed scheduled date and we will try to make the trip. Regards, Aleta Pottenger

Linda Foster

I was at the POttenger Reunion in 1979 and have photos for you, as I see you have none for the date. I also have pictures of 1990 and 1993

Kelly Khuri

My ancestor is Ignatius Spalding 1790-1851 son of Benedict and Allethaire Abell Spalding. Still trying to figure out who he was married to that produced Richard 1816-1882 that married Elizabeth Reighley Raley?
I am stuck. Thought it was Jane Grey. Help! Thank you

Scott Withrow

My ggg aunt by marriage to Samuel Withrow, Jane Gray Withrow, later married Capt. Samuel Pottenger. Her sons went with her to Kentucky, and Withrow, Kentucky is named after this family as I understand Nelson County. Pottenger's Station must have been nearby. I am looking for more information on the community of Withrow, Kentucky on Withrow Creek, tributary of Cox's Creek?

Thank you,

Scott Withrow

Susan Knight Gore

I am the 8th great-grandaughter of Samuel Pottinger and Elizabeth Tyler.

Ronnie Lewis

My Great Grandmother was Maggie Pottenger,daughter of Marion Franklin Pottinger.

Mary Kathleen Pottinger

I am sure my great grandmother was Margaret Elizabeth Storey, married to William Pottinger and Daughter of Josephine Douglas Storey and George Storey.
This looks like a wonderful Pottinger place to go!
Thanks for sharing.